Hello Slot friends 

Its been a while since news was posted, one of the reasons being that sadly Tom, the guy that gets it all together at the end has left the "hobby".

He has hang up his guns to focus his time and effort on other matters in life. His knowledge, build quality and role and skills as a bloody fast & consistent race/test/development driver will be duly missed. 

With the withdrawal of Tom the team was a bit shorthanded for the build of the second 07 based on the 2017 LM #24 Manor racing LMP2.

Due to race at the DiSCA Finals in Igualada. even though we had a plan B (racing the Signatech Alpine) this was not really an option as the car featured so prominently on the event poster. wink.png

For a prototype MK2 version, Steven (Verelst ) did a good job and managed to finish the car well in time.

Unfortunately Tom's set-up & driving skills were duly missed @ Igualada, Dave Maddock and Stefan Wegner did a great job in a very competitive grid with lots of LMP1's.

They ended up 2nd in the LMP2 class, but 9th overall. Did win the concourse though. 

New 07 Liveries

With the start of the "new" LMP2 formula in 2016, Racing Team Nederland chose to go for a Dallara P217 and soon discovered it was the wrong choice.

So for the 2019-2020 season they did a "if you can't beat them...join 'm" so Frits van Eerd (CEO of Jumbo Supermarkets) bought himself a brand new Oreca 07.

Clad in in his favorite Minardi/ Jumbo yellow they were immediately blindingly fast during the prologue in Barcelona, took their first podium in the opening round @ Silverstone,

and scored an incredible win during a rain soaked race @ Fuji. 

But even had they finished dead last as with the Dalara's, its a stunning livery that was immediately on the wish list for the 1/32nd racers so... 

Wrapping a 2D Banana on a 3D model again.

With S-Slot fielding a SV Works 07 for the 2020 DiSCA WEC season, staring with the January 6hr Suzuka race....time for me to start preparing the decals. 

Wrapping a 2D banana on a 3D model once again :) 

With kind regards